How to Incorporate Indian Granite Into Your Decor

One of the lavish and luxurious materials that are used in home decor are Indian Marble and Indian Granite. The impressively spectacular natural colours and patterns of this stone help in developing artistic floorings, countertops, worktops, walls, bathroom vanity units and much more.

Indian Granite is among the oldest, stable and most enduring natural stone that is available in the market. Anyone who wants longevity and toughness goes for this granite. You can easily find Indian Granite in the exterior projects such as in buildings, monuments, bridges, tombstones, house and street nameplates, etc. Look around yourself and you will find something made up of granite. It has been used as a building material from more than thousands of years.

Types of Indian Granite

Being the most prominent Indian Granite Exporter, Mandeep Marble has the availability of variety of patterns and colours of Indian Granite. The types of Indian Granite that are served by us include:

  • Majestic Black: The Majestic Black Granite has that amazing durability in it that is mainly used in the designing of the kitchen, bathroom, sink tops, dining table etc.
  • Black Markino: It is a great material for interior and exterior designing. It not only gives a unique glassy look to the decor but is also versatile and long-lasting material. It also gives a classy and elegant look to your place.
  • Rosy Pink: Rosy pink is a perfect Indian Granite for the purpose of flooring, bathroom as well as kitchen applications. It’s highly admired due to its smooth surface and rosy pink colour that soothes the eyes.
  • Silky Brown: It is one of the all-purpose Indian granite that can be used in the interior as well as exteriors such as in kitchen countertops, fountains, floor applications, pools, mosiac and much more.
  • Crystal Brown: Being the most attractive Indian Granite it is admired by so many people and is opt for the purpose of application in firewalls, dining tables, kitchen backsplash, etc.

Uses of Indian Granite

If you will buy granite from the best Indian Granite Supplier, Mandeep Marble you will get the highly durable material while having a large range of option in colours, designs, pattern and which will also have heat-proof, scratch-proof, stain-proof, water-proof nature. Due to all of the qualities they can be used in several spaces at the time of designing, some of them are being listed below by us.

  • Kitchen Countertop: As you know that Indian granite has so much speciality that makes it a fabulous option for kitchen countertops which will not only give it long-lasting durability but will also provide an elegant look to your kitchen with its unique design and pattern.
  • Tiles: If you want to skyrocket the feeling of sophistication in your home decor then Indian Granite is the best option for it. The flooring done with the Indian Granite tiles gives you great traction, ease of cleanness being stain and waterproof. Apart from this using this granite also gives a magnificent finish to the interiors.
  • Vanity Tops: Do you want a clean plus fresh twang in your bathroom at low maintenance? Then you can efficiently go for a granite vanity top that is the countertop of the bathroom for a clean accent. 
  • Fireplace: Due to the durability and resistance from heat, Indian granite can be used in the fireplace that is also easy to maintain and clean. Besides, it will not crack or discolour from the excessive amount of heat as well.
  • Stair Tread: For the stair tread purpose if you will go for the Indian Granite option then it will give your staircase a mesmerizing effect. You can select the one that matches your other designs from the range of light to dark granite available with us.
  • Backsplash: If you are going for granite kitchen countertop then the best natural stone that will complement your kitchen is the contrasting Indian Granite that will enhance the look as well as the feel of your overall kitchen and make your kitchen more classy.

Mandeep Marble has the Indian Granite in Chennai where you can find all kinds of granites for your home or office decor at an affordable price range due to the lack of any agent or marketer in between. You can select the one which you prefer the most from our provided collection and give your interior or exterior a splendid appearance and look that everyone will admire and want to have the same at their own place. To have your own Indian granite delivered to you for your decor get in contact with our team that is dedicated to helping you out if you are facing any problem in opting the best option that can complement the paint and furniture of your space.

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