Marble has been discovered thousands of years ago. Its purpose is many but when it is used for Flooring it gives sophisticated look by its grain patterns and creamy colors. Marble Flooring tiles come from various sizes and shapes like a larger rectangle to smaller mosaics. Like other natural, it is a little challenging to install on the floor. Only skilled persons can able to handle this.


When it comes to finishes it classified into two types

Polished marble finished to high beauty and grain of the stone. However, the finish can be slick and slippery, especially when wet A lot of maintenance is required to keep polished marble floors looking good.

Honed marble is also polished, but a lesser much in degree. In high traffic areas, kitchens, wet rooms or bathrooms the flooring has not been the stunning look. To overcome this a slightly rougher surface texture is used to get a better attraction.


It has many different colors also available in Mandeep Marble those are white marble floor, black marble floor, grey marble floor, green marble floor, pink marble floor, brown marble floor, and red marble floor, etc.


Since Marble is highly flexible it can create designs as what we want. It can cut in custom sizes and shapes of tiles as our choice. There are some familiar designs are below.

  • Herringbone Pattern
  • Brick Pattern
  • Regular Pattern
  • Repeating Pattern
  • Bordered Floors
  • Mosaics and Medallions

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