Marble Vs Granite


When it comes to marble vs granite its little confusion to choose which one is best for your home. Here is the solution for that. Mandeep Marble will guide you as much can. Since we are experts in marble and granite for 30 years, we have learned, understood consumer’s requirements. Here let’s discuss marble and granite difference.


  • Both marble and granite are origins from the earth’s crust. Both are natural stone
  • Marble and Granite are more porous. Which means they can easily absorb the minute deep things within their surface. Without proper seal and installation, it will easily get a stain on its surface
  • Both Marble and Granite weight is the same. Nearly around Nineteen pounds per square foot.
  • Marble and Granite are completely versatile in nature. We can see both the stones in countertops, decorations and architecture designs.
  • The biggest similarities of Marble and Granite is both are resistance in water, scratches, and stains. For Kitchen countertops both marble and granite are durable.



One of the biggest differences in the way of their looks. Appearance is the main factor when we choose for countertops. Granite is an igneous rock that is essentially solidified lava. It looks grain in nature. Whereas it comes to Marble it’s a metamorphic rock it’s formed due to high pressure and high heat. Generally, marble tends to full of veins and swirls and Granite tends colors and patterns


Marble is highly porous which means it can easily absorb the liquids from the environment. Marble is a soft nature that is used for making sculptures. That’s why marble is familiar with making sculptures. However, It has to be sealed professionally to keep its color, durability. Sealed marble won’t get damage. Granite has less porous compared to marble and also gets sealed professionally for usage.


When talking about durability there is no doubt, granite has high durability and hardness compared to marble. And also both marble and granite are heat resistant.


Maintenance is less for granite countertops compared to marble. On the other hand, marble consumes much more time for maintenance.

MARBLE VS GRANITE- The Conclusion:

We hope, from here that you will get an idea about the Marble and Granite. Here we are concluding that Granite or Marble will come under your decision. Its purely depends on your requirement. You have to choose by considering the factors of purpose, sizes, colors, and budget according to your needs. And also Mandeep Marble will help you to choose the best one.

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