Perks of Engineered Marble & Quartz

Being the foremost Marble and Granite Suppliers, Mandeep Marble will inform you about the benefits and requirements of Engineered Marble & Quartz. You must be thinking where there is a lot of different natural material available for the home or office decor, why should you go for the engineered one?

So let us clear your doubts and firstly discuss the material they are made up of. If we talk about the Engineered Quartz then it is made up of marble chips and dust plus resin binder as well as pigments. Apart from this, it can also have coloured metals, glass or shells as its constituent. On the other hand, Engineered Quartz is a composite of 90-94% quartz and natural stones mixed with resins, pigments and polymers.

Benefits of Engineered Marble & Quartz

Excellent Properties

Engineered Quartz and Marble are extremely strong and have less porosity. Furthermore, they are stain and scratch-resistant. It also not allow any microbial growth that makes it a proper choice for bathroom flooring and kitchen countertops.

Various Range to Opt From

As they are made under the controlled conditions with the help of different natural stones so they have a huge variety of colours, designs and patterns from which you can select or pick according to your requirement and choice.

Wide Application

Because of Engineered Marble and Quartz amazing properties they can be used almost anywhere, be it for wall covering, flooring, countertops, tabletops, articles, or wall panel, it will last longer and looks spectacular in synchronous perspectives.

Easy to Maintain and Clean

Both the marble and quartz resists stains also does not attract dirt or dust that makes it effortless to clean and requires low maintenance for its look and verity.


A plus point of installing engineered marble or quartz in the property is that it can be used in renovation or construction with its advanced functionalities at a lower cost than natural stones.


Without much hassle or problems, engineered quartz, as well as marble, can be repaired if in any case they get damaged or defected.

Why Select Engineered Marble or Quartz?

One of the top reason that you should use Engineered Quartz and marble is that they lack the weakness that is founded in natural stones. They efficiently can be utilized for any tough use and you would not see any wear and tear in them.  Apart from that being made from a various variety of natural stone be it granite or marble it has so many variants of colours, designs and patterns that gives an edge profile to the place where it is being used. That means it will complement any colour or style of the kitchen and give it an opulent appearance.

When it comes to kitchen countertop uses, they are much more prefered due to many reasons like it will never draw in moisture because of its non-porosity to discourage any bacterial grow and you also don’t need to manage them with harmful chemicals. Besides, they will not get damaged easily because of their acid and heat resistant properties.

Where you can get the best range of Engineered Quartz & Marble?

If you are worried where would you find them, then there is no need to worry at all we at Mandeep Marble has the best quality Engineered Marble in India that you cannot find anywhere else. We make sure that the quality, durability, resistance and other properties of them are excellent. Our main aim is to provide our clients with the best quality material that they can choose according to their preference.

Some of the high-in-demand Engineered Quartz and Engineered Marble that we have are Steller Brown, Ice White, Moonstone, Blue Carnelian, Blue Onyx and so on. Besides, our experienced group of people focuses on helping you out in selecting the one perfect engineered quartz or marble that will enhance the overall look of the space you are about to utilize them in. And all the individuals, who don’t want to negotiate a bit with the appearance and wants better quality yet are not ready for the maintenance and care as it is required in natural stone; the best option for all of you is Engineered Quartz or Marble.


With all the above-mentioned properties of Engineered Stone and the support of our team, you can easily get the perfect material that you have always wanted for your home or office premises for their construction or renovation. To get the best quality engineered quartz and marble, just get in touch with us or directly visit our branch and pick the one you like the most from our accumulation at an affordable range.

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