Black galaxy granite is found in south India Andhra Pradesh. Its appearance is look like dark sky glowing with star effect. Black galaxy color is one of the best choices for countertops. The golden/ yellow sparkling gives a great contrast of light and dark in very simple fashion. If your cabinet filled with lighter color or any natural color then the black galaxy looks stunning. It is also a great option to have as an accent tile in a shower or as a backsplash.


  • The porosity ranging between 0.2% to 4%
  • Thermal stability is high
  • Black galaxy granite shows consistency in color and texture
  • It is hardest stone that tends to excellent wear.

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Black galaxy countertops:

Its wide application is using for countertops. This countertop gives excellent addition when it use for kitchen. These stones are strong and same ease to care for. To sustain its beauty for many years we should keep clean and polish regularly.


Black galaxy granite is the tough material and it doesn’t require heavy maintenance. Since it is dark color it doesn’t show any scratches or stains even when it uses in high traffic areas. It is hard and tough material care should be taken for around the corner and edges.

Quality and Price of Black galaxy granite:

When it comes to quality, there are several things consider about that, But black galaxy granite quality is defined by its veins. According to veins it is categorized in A,B,C,D grades. The price range is varies according to its thickness.

Mandeep Marble – Black galaxy granite supplier:

Mandeep marble is one of the leading suppliers of black galaxy granite in India and oversees. We have best quality of granite and marble available in 100+ colors and designs. Mandeep Marble is expertise in this industry more than 30 years and we understand the customer requirement rightly and deliver the best product for them. Visit our stockyards once to know more the products and price lists.


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