Designer stones are using for interior and exterior purposes. Granite and sandstones have their beauty but CNC machines added value in granite and stones by use of design. This is now a day very popular in trend it adds value in one’s house to make better looks for an elevation wall panel for the room interior.


Designer stones are a building material using for interior purposes. It will bring a good look to your home. Interior designers prefer natural and green materials. Initially, you have to choose design that fits your personal style. For an elegant and sleek look think about marble and travertine into your design. Natural stone is a better selection for wall decorations in the living room which gives comfort feeling. Choosing a darker stone will make the interior space a better look. Slate is the one of the popular dark stone which suits for kitchen flooring in any home. In fact, using renewable materials like natural stone is good for our environment.


Mandeep marble is one of the leading suppliers of designer stones in India for wall decorations. We offering the natural stones in the form of many designs, colors, patterns. Mandeep is also a supplier of Indian and imported marble, granite, Italy marble and granite, ceramic tiles and much more. Mandeep supplying granite, marble, designer stones, tiles are of easily affordable prices


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