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Onyx Marble is different from all stone which gives an elegant and impressive look. It gives royal and glowing appearance when it is using for flooring and other interior purposes. This Marble has a natural and beautiful white color with different variations. Gold and grey colored onyx stone is a familiar one.


This stone also part of the marble. This is one of the finest quality natural stones. It is available in various designs, colors, textures, and sizes.

  • Its special quality is, the color of onyx has long-lasting. The color doesn’t fade easily unless it’s undergone hard handling.
  • After polished, it gives a glossy effect look
  • Since it’s a type of gemstone it gives a sharper sense
  • This marble is highly durable and also water-resistant
  • It has glazy and smooth surfaces


Onyx marble is extensively used for wall claddings, flooring, Handicraft items, borders, and designs. Its Home application is using for tables, kitchen slabs, sink base, staircases, and more. Also used for commercial purposes like industrial office, hotels, schools, corporate offices, farmhouses, etc.


It is available in different colors and textures. It has some types depends upon its specifications they are Blue Onyx, Crystal Onyx, Pink Onyx, White onyx, Tiger Onyx, Green Onyx, Honey Onyx, Mexican Onyx, Moon Light Onyx.


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