Statuario Marble is quarried from Italy Mountains. The quarries are located above the cararra. This marble is available in limited quantities only and it has high demand in global market. This marble is considered to be one of the major white marbles. Statuario is more exclusive stone and its appearance is grey and gold veining throughout and strikes, bold pattern.


  1. Highly Polished
  2. Maintenance is easy
  3. Long lasting and durable
  4. High strength

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Statuario Marble is right choice for indoor applications such as kitchen countertops, staircase, Walls, Floorings, bathroom vanities. This marble is not applicable for outdoor applications.

Statuario White Marble:

Statuario white marble is used for flooring and wall. It also using for interior and exterior applications. Generally this stone comes with natural white color and texture. It has ideal durability and strength.



Mandeep Marble – Statuario Marble supplier:


Mandeep Marble is prominent Statuario marble supplier in India. We supply this marble with finest quality at reasonable cost for all type of consumers. Our products are sourcing from qualified quarry owners of different parts of the world. Our vision is to deliver the finest quality product to consumers at reasonable price. Visit our stockyard once to know more about the products range and prices.


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